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You want your message to be picked up by the media, and the competition for print space is tight. The BC & Yukon Community News Media Association offers a press release distribution service, which can get your message out to about 100 community newspapers across the province with just one email!

Benefits of using our service

  • Reach editors all over BC and the Yukon in one shot. Your release will be distributed to newspapers in the larger urban centres like Burnaby and Victoria, as well as to smaller towns like Kitimat and Nelson.
  • Many newspaper editors prefer to receive press releases in electronic format.
  • We are always in touch with our members, so you don’t have to worry about trying to keep a database up-to-date.
  • While we can never guarantee that your press release will be used by our member newspapers, it will have the BC and Yukon Community News Media Association name attached to it, and is more likely to be noticed.


  • $99 + GST
  • Price includes one logo (please send logo separately as a .jpg file)
  • $25 extra charge for each additional logo or photo

We can also get your message out to community papers right across the country! Contact us for more information.



Do you want better access to the newsmakers of BC and Yukon? Order a PDF copy of our database and get editorial and advertising contacts at our approximately 100 newspapers across the region.

Each listing includes: the newspaper’s address, phone number, email addresses, circulation, communities served, plus contact names for the editor and publisher.


$100 + GST

Contact us for more information.



Are you planning to hold a press conference but worried that media, especially cameras, will not show up? Do you want to guarantee to your client that your video and story will be distributed to about 100 news outlets in BC or 600 media across Canada by a credible news service? The BC and Yukon Community News Media Association understands what you are going through and we have a proven strategy that guarantees a camera and reporter at your presser and distribution the same day to member newspapers and their digital counterparts. Not only will you have b-roll you can use, you will have proof to your client that your story was distributed to credible, traditional media across BC and beyond. Click here to talk to a BCYCNA representative about this amazing service for your agency.


  • $3000 per press conference
  • Includes attendance of a BCYCNA reporter and camera person, downloadable b-roll, 400-word story with headline, and distribution to 100 newspapers and digital newspaper on the same day.

Contact us for more information.