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Benefits of Membership

  • Industry advancement
  • Membership in the Canadian Community Newspapers Association
  • Membership in the National News Media Council
  • Revenue opportunity
  • Involvement in the annual Ma Murray Awards

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Member Downloads

All publications are free to our members. To order any of the publications, contact the BCYCNA office directly.


Phone: 604-669-9222

Toll-free: 1-866-669-9222


Elections BC: Media Obligations Under the Election Act

Elections BC has updated their guide that explains the sections of the Election Act that pertains specifically to election advertising and opinion polls in the media. Please use this guide as an aid to understanding provincial legislature related to elections and how the Elections Act affects media advertisements. Click here to access the PDF.

Paper Trails: A History of BC and Yukon Community Newspapers

By George Affleck, 1999 (paperback)

For more than 100 years, the history-making events in British Columbia and the Yukon have been captured in our member newspapers. This book celebrates our industry and introduces you to the many characters who helped build it.

Newspaper Carriers: Distributors and other individuals working under contract

By BCYCNA and Schiller Coutts Weiler & Gibson, 2000 (paperback)

Over the past several years, many publishers have asked the BCYCNA office and Board of Directors for information about government rules and regulations that pertain to delivery personnel. This handbook explains relevant sections of the Employment Insurance Act, Employment Standards Act, Labour Relations Code, and Workers Compensation Act.


Logos for Display

BCYCNA members are required to display the BCYCNA logo, the Newspapers Canada (CCNA) logo, and their relevant auditor logo or information. As members of the National News Media Council, you may also like to display their logo too.

Please download the logos below:


– Newspapers Canada (CCNA) logo

– CMCA logo

– National News Media Council